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Teens for teens : new book about ecology!

Teens for teens: new book about ecology!

On February 13, LuckyBooks launched a unique literary workshop: the children will write a real popular science book. Topic: ecology. The trainer of the course is a well-known writer and teacher of literary art, laureate of the BBC-2016 Children's Book of the Year Halyna Tkachuk.

Twice a week, teenagers will gather with Halyna at the Children's Library on Podil and learn how to work with information, express their thoughts in texts of different styles and practical purposes, promote the finished product with PR instruments and marketing and, of course, work in a team.

The workshop will last for a month. All classes are free. During the master class scientists, illustrators, business trainers will visit a workshop with interactive lectures. After all, the work is serious as the book written by children will be published in within LuckyBooks project. Each participant will see his/her surname on the cover, and the book will be delivered in libraries, primarily in Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

Підлітки писатимуть для підлітків про екологію!


Halyna Tkachuk teaches literary art to children, and she has a lot of experience in writing texts in co-authorship:

"Several times a week, I meet with different teams of creative children. Working with them is one of the most interesting parts of my professional life. Without these meetings, I would probably be a worse children's writer. But this is the first Ukrainian project, in which the team of young scientists participate in the writing of a real book, which I hope, will become an important book for their peers. Our goal is to write an interesting and original educational book. There are many ways to do this, but the final vision of our team, a detailed project of the book and even its individual sections will be the result of our work for a month."

Підлітки писатимуть для підлітків про екологію

Kateryna Miroshnichenko, a well-known climatic activist and executive director of the "Ecology Education College "Svit Osvit", became the first guest of the workshop. She is saying that due to such projects, children become agents of change.

"There are studies of the Z generation that prove that modern children are much more interested in ecology, they know what climate change is and choose more environmentally friendly behavior than previous generations. And this is not surprising since this generation has already faced the consequences of the ecological crisis in the form of situations with rubbish, smog in cities, etc. The issue of ecology was always relevant because it is about relationships, the relationship of mankind and nature, the ecosystem of our existence. Just now, the number of people and the volume of use of earthly resources has reached such a scale that survival of people and the preservation of our civilization was in jeopardy."

Schoolchildren have demonstrated good knowledge about the environmental situation in Ukraine and in the world. The book will embody their desire to change the world for the better and bring to peers the need to make the behavior environmentally responsible. For now, LuckyBooks invites publishers to collaborate within the project.

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