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Our Objective

Intellectual Ukrainization of teenagers through the spread of popular scientific literature about the contemporary world. Teenagers are the future of Ukraine and very soon the progress of our state will depend on them. However, in comparison to their counterparts from developed countries, Ukrainian teenagers suffer from a considerable lack of educational literature. We have decided to fill this gap by means of our own personal efforts. A charitable project on this scale, which envisions the publishing and dissemination of popular scientific literature in Ukraine, will appear for the first time in the country and is meant as a long-term initiative.

What We Do

We publish the best examples of popular scientific and awareness-building literature (of both Ukrainian and foreign authors) for children aged 10-14. We spread the books around the libraries in the East of Ukraine on a cost-free basis. Finally, we arrange educational events (lectures, workshops, meetings with interesting personalities who are participants or partners of the Project) for teenagers in the libraries of Ukraine.

How we do it

We attract reputable writers and scholars, translators, illustrators, psychologists and educators and trust our books various domestic publishing houses. The organizers of the LuckyBooks are: “I Am the Future of Ukraine” Charitable Foundation and “Lucky Labs” IT-company. The foundation covers all expenses of publishing, presentations and distribution of the books, which will be available free of charge. The Expert's Council is responsible for selection of the authors and the range of topics for the books. Today The Expert's Council consists of musician Oleh Skrypka and the president of the Association of Psychologists Yevhen Miroshnichenko.


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The News

Lucky words

LuckyBooks goal is not only to give children knowledge about the world and nature around them in an easy and accessible way, but also to become a "bridge" of understanding and sharing experiences between adults and children who are just starting to realize their potential. Help, guidance and inspiration a new generation to creativity, inventions, the embodiment of the most unconventional approaches and crazy ideas. That is what inspires and motivates us!

Iryna Nikolaichuk, Department lead, IT company "Lucky Labs"

For Partners

For Authors

Creation of books about nature/connected with natural sciences

For Illustrators

Design of the books selected for the Project

For Translators

Translation of the best samples of foreign popular scientific literature

For Publishers

Publishing books chosen for the Project, participation in presentations

For Educationalists and Scholars

Participation in the interactive events for teenagers

For All Who Are Not Indifferent

Generation and joint realization of educational ideas

Our Partners


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