"Я Майбутнє України"



Book About Garbage

Halyna Tkachuk

This book is about the garbage we take out of our homes in black bags and throw into a garbage bin. Sometimes, it can be a few garbage bins. Sometimes, we can spot garbage under the trees or in a river, or even in the sea. The book tells us about how garbage can spread over the whole planet. The idea of the book is to let a reader understand how easy it is to create garbage and how difficult it is to get rid of it.
The book has a few special pages where you can write down your thoughts, experiments, and ideas.
The co-authors of the book are teenagers: Oleksandra Homa, Andrii Dobrovolsky, Serhii Koliadych, Hanna Berezovska, Hanna Tereshchuk, Mykyta Subotovskyi, Anastasiia Sakhno, and Karina Parkhomenko.