"Я Майбутнє України"




Kuzko Kuziakin

What is Math? The first answers to this question that come to your mind are digits and formulas. At the same time, they are the first thing that frightens one off from it. However, the ability to count in a skillful way is not a really necessary requirement for knowing and understanding Math. If it can be understood at all. Since according to this book, there is no person in the whole world who actually could know for sure what Math is. Nevertheless, it does not prevent her from being probably the most important heritage of humanity from the ancient times to nowadays. At the same time, it is a real gibberish for the majority of people. The book #WHATISMATH is an author’s attempt to speak about the incomprehensive world of Math using a «normal» language. This book cannot be useful in fulfilling homework or preparing for ZNO. But it can be conducive to the most important things - even to getting $ 1,000,000. The book is addressed to the wide range of readers, who know a multiplication table by heart and know long division well.