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LuckyBooks is to publish non-fiction book authored by The Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik

LuckyBooks is to publish non-fiction authored by The Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik

LuckyBooks and Osnovy publishing will translate the book by The Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik Girling Up into Ukrainian.

During the past year, Mayim Bialik's book for teenage girls received many positive reviews from the literary community and became the New York Times best seller. And the choice of the Experts’ Council was influenced by other factors, too. In fact, the performer of the role of Amy Farrah Fowler – Mayim Bialik, just like character, has a scientific degree and popularizes science outside the screen.

We noticed this book last year, when we studied the trends of educational literature for teenagers in English. Girling Up is a modern book, so the topics, as well as their presentation, are more relevant for modern adolescents. In particular, we are talking about the maturation and formation of a girl, not only physiologically, but also socially. And since the author has Ph.D. in neurobiology, she filled the text with a massive portion of science, which she managed to lay out in simple words. Therefore, the readers will be interested to know what is happening to them at a deeper level and what they can influence, – says a member of the LuckyBooks Experts’ Council, Anna Tretyak, editor-in-chief of the project for the children's book "Barabuka".

The Ukrainian edition of Girling Up will be released at Osnovy Publishing, which also got interested in the book by Mayim Bialik and joined LuckyBooks’ new project:

"I was watching a series of "The Big Bang Theory" since it just appeared. I like the sitcoms since childhood. But the best thing is that Mayim Bialik is not just a comedy television star. She is also a scientist with excellent education, a bestselling author and she inspires girls all over the world," says Dana Pavlychko, director of Osnovy publishing. Girling Up by Bialik is important to us because it is aimed at girls. Ukraine needs examples of women leaders and literature that helps to survive a difficult teenage time. In general, it is difficult to grow a girl in the modern world. Bialik is a superhero that will help maneuver in a variety of problems. Bialik encourages while not being a preacher. I'm sure the teenagers will love the book!"

In addition to the chapters that are traditional for the genre of the "girl's encyclopedia" on emotions and feeling, the book reflects thoughts on life after graduation, education and career plans, depression, religion, or charity. All this is complemented by jokes and actress’ real life stories.

We are expecting a wonderful combination of a book from a scientist, a book from a person who has devoted herself to popularizing science and a book from a talented actress. Girling Up perfectly fits into the nature of the LuckyBooks project. This is another example of how science unobtrusively penetrates people's life and makes it bright, interesting and more fulfilled, – says Anton Ivanov, project manager at IT company Lucky Labs.

Girling Up. How to Be Strong, Smart and Spectacular by Mayim Bialik in Ukrainian is planned to be released in the beginning of fall 2018.

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